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At BlockChannel we believe that education about digital currencies and blockchains should be relevant, fun, and easy to find. We hope to help create a new generation of financial-tech developers/enthusiasts!

Bitcoin/Ethereum iOS Apps

CoinCap iOS App
CoinCap Android App

Ethereum ICO Token Data

TokenData - ICO Analysis, Data, and Calendars

Learn Ethereum Solidity Development

Zastrin-- Tutorials for learning smart contract development.[Use code "BlockChannel" for 50% off]

Earn Bitcoin/Ether

Cent.co-- A new Quora-like social network built using Ethereum, earn Ether answering questions.
Peepeth Earn money by micro-blogging; it's Twitter for crypto!

Educational Resources

Below are some educational resources that we've curated to help you gain a deeper understanding of bitcoin and how a blockchain functions. As well as books for those interested in the more technical aspects of how these technologies blend to create new types of systems.

Essential Books on Bitcoin/Blockchain

Educational Videos

Educational Articles